Kupidabin Gathering of the Four Winds held 3-4-5- November 2017 at Kupidabin Wilderness Mt. Samson  was a Gathering organised to allow people to experience the Teachings, Ceremonies and Traditions of other Cultures from around the World, to explore various channels of personal healing and  to share their Spiritual and Cultural experiences with one another.

This was a very successful event  featuring a colourful and entertaining opening ceremonial evening; stalls selling traditional items; 18 workshops presented by experienced facilitators; morning yoga and yarning circles; as well as a variety of healers offering bodywork, energy healing and crystal reiki drum healing.

The event was attended by Indigenous Elders and Maori Kaumatua Tau Huirama from New Zealand who brought a wealth of wisdom and grace

accompanied by the Raaranga  Aroha Collective group of 10 New Zealand Healers.

The workshops included topics such as earth connection with ochres, basket weaving, mindfulness, learning the flute, medicine wheel teachings, Peruvian whistling, connecting with the rhythms of Nature, crystal meditations, string art, appreciating the native plants of this place, learning to play the Didgeridroo  and more.

Testimonial from K.E. Brisbane.

I had the privilege of volunteering, participating in and teaching yoga at the Four Winds Gathering at Kupidabin, Mt.Samson.  So amazing to meet Aboriginal, Maori, Torres Strait, African and Turtle Island elders, shamans, dancers and healers and to learn from each other and share as family through Workshops.. conversations and Healing Hugs.!

Opening ceremony on Friday night, A special fire smoking ritual and smudging with native leaves for all present. Honouring the elders and ancestors.  Listening to stories through song and dance...  connecting us into the land and to our brothers and sisters near and far.

Morning yoga for those who wanted to be up early greeting a glorious new day under the blessing of grandfather sun. Breakfast as a family and onto amazing workshops all day.  The Maori healers were offering their sessions all day also. I was so touched by their songs in native tongue, bursting my heart open with gratitude and love. So much joy, laughter and deep healing from their presence. Thank you for your gifts.  Peruvian whistling vessel meditation, transcending mind to another realm, Native American flute workshop and much more.

On Sunday afternoon, we had special sacred women's business and sacred men's business, how it would have been done by our ancestors before us. Such powerful and transformational sharing.   A water blessing for all of us, seeing the youngest child give a water blessing to her oldest cousin was heart expanding divinity, I wept witnessing this and pray for this loving unity and respect for elders and all peoples to spread wide across the land in all nations. Life is a gift.

During the weekend a Kowhaiwhai Workshop was facilitated by Maori Artist Nina Maika a project for all the people to participate in the creation of the unique Kupidabin Kowhaiwhai.
Kowhaiwhai are designs created by Maori which adorn their traditional meeting houses. Elaborately painted scrolls. The Kowhaiwhai panel will become a permanent artwork within the Kupidabin Cultural Centre.
Prior to the departure of Kupidabin’s Maori visitors on Monday 6th. November a beautiful woven floor mat ‘The Whariki’ constructed at the Gathering by New Zealand Master Weaver Heeni Kerekere with the help and thoughts of participants and weavers during the weekend was presented in circle to Maureen and Des Pickstone and will remain in the Art Gallery at Kupidabin Wilderness.
Te Ara Hou – “Creating a New Pathway” by Kaumatua Tau Huirama will follow.

Plans are being made for the 7th. Bi-Annual Gathering of the Four Winds to be held 20TH/21ST/22ND SEPTEMBER 2019 TO INCORPORATE CEREMONIES FOR THE SPRING EQUINOX AND THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE.

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Opening Ceremony for Kupidabin 6th Bi-Annual Gathering of the Four Winds  November 2017.

                      Theme  “ New Beginnings”

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Weekend  Workshops and Ceremonies.

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