Come and join us at Kupidabin Wilderness for a traditional Native American Sweat Lodge ceremony.

Facilitated by Frank ‘Eagle-Eye’, you will get to experience the powerful cleansing of body, mind, heart and spirit, which has been used my many Native American tribes for centuries.

The ceremony is conduced inside a traditional lodge, with a frame made of wood, and covered with blankets. The ceremony is comprised of four ‘rounds’ with hot stones being brought into a pit in the center of the lodge at the start of each round. Water is poured upon the stones, and tobacco, white sage and sweet grass is offered to the ‘stone-people’.

The Sweat Lodge ceremony is traditionally used for:

  • Physical detoxing
  • Clearing away negative thoughts and emotions
  • Offering prayers
  • Assisting in your connection with Mother Earth and the spirit world



The ceremony itself is free, but there is a $50 per person cost to cover traditional teachings, materials and travel costs.



Saturday, 2nd September 2017

11am to 5pm

Spaces fill fast, so bookings are essential.

Bring a plate of food to share, a blanket for ceremony, and an offering or gift for the ‘Creator’ (tobacco, white sage and/or sweet-grass).


Bookings & Enquiries: 

Contact us for bookings or inquiries.

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