Say it Loud, Say it Clear...We Were Always Here!!

This conference seeks to bring the voices of our First Nations Peoples to the forefront.  It aims to provide a platform for the holders of Traditional Knowledge to speak in a culturally safe space and place.  As First Nations Peoples, our stories and our histories were transmitted through oral traditional and through our artwork, music, song, dance, lore, law and customary practices. These stories were not written down but was passed from generation to generation and has withstood the test of time and survived.  We would like to pay homage and respect to all those who are sharing their stories here at this conference and your contribution is greatly appreciated, thank you.

The World First Nations Traditional Knowledge Conference is centred on these key themes as outlined:

  • Wellness in Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit
  • Wellbeing of our Environment and Mother Earth
  • Wholeness of our place, space in society and as we walk our Journey of life
  • Healing & Hope for our Family, Community, Country and World

All Welcome!

Who should attend:

Scholars, Educators, Researchers, Elders, Community Members, Counsellors, Social Scientists, Cross-Cultural Educators, Social Workers, Community Development Workers, Human Service Workers, Health Workers, Traditional Healers, Holistic Practitioners and Natural Therapists



22nd to 24th August, 2018


Cost: TBD


For bookings or enquiries contact Noritta on 0459 508 460 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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